Our Peterborough Book Award Winner 2020 is..............Tom Fletcher 'There's an Alien in your book'! 20 schools were given a selection of books provided by Penguin Random House in February 2020. Year 4 children and were given some criteria to discuss and were asked to nominate their favourite book in each of the following categories: ‘Best Picture Book’, ‘Best Chapter Book’ & ‘Best Poetry Book’. Thank you to All Saints Primary School, Braybrook Primary School, Dogsthorpe Academy, Fulbridge Academy, Gladstone Primary Academy, Gunthorpe Primary School, Hampton Hargate Primary School, Nene Valley Primary School, Newborough Primary School, Northborough Primary School, Norwood Primary School, St Micheal’s Church School, St Thomas More School, The Beeches Primary School & Woodston Primary School for submitting their nominations.


Best Picture Book goes to....There's an Alien in your book by Tom Fletcher
The children loved that it was interactive, that they had to do and say things/ actions to help the alien. The pictures/ cover were very colourful and cute. They loved the way the words were printed in different fonts/ directions and the fact that it had an important message for children. They said it was fun to read and they wanted to read it again once they had finished. They also said they would love to share it with a pre-school child. (All Saints)
The children loved the characters in the picture book and how funny it was. (Dogsthorpe Academy)
Best Chapter Books go to....
Treasure Hunters by James Patterson
  • The front cover captured interest and the pictures. (Dogsthorpe Academy)
  • Our overall favourite book was Treasure Hunters (Northborough)
...and Truckers by Terry Patchett
  • They thought the cover was eye catching and they were hooked from the very start. They liked the illustrations inside and they said the different layout and fonts that were used inside were engaging and made them want to keep on reading. (All Saints)
  • This has been a wonderful opportunity to expand our children's exposure to a broad range of genres. (Gladstone Primary)
  • We read this book with lots of expression. They pointed out that the words in bold helped them to add and change their voice. Again, the illustrations were a strong selling point. They felt it to be very interactive and wanted to tell their friends about it. (St Thomas More)
Best Poetry Book goes to.....
Funky Chicken by Benjamin Zephaniah
  • The children loved the title and front cover. Inside they liked the illustrations and layout and they liked the fact there was a range of different types of poems about a range of different subjects and they enjoyed reading them aloud. (All Saints)
  • The children enjoyed the humour in this poetry book. They found it interesting to pick out the misspelt words and proceed to tell me the correct spellings. (St Thomas More)
What the schools thought of the experience?
  • ‘This has been a wonderful opportunity to expand our children's exposure to a broad range of genres'
  • The children enjoyed reading the different books.
  • Year 4 enjoyed reading the different choices of books.
  • The children all enjoyed reviewing the books, thank you for the opportunity!
  • Thank you to the team for providing this lovely collection of books. Our Year 4s loved the challenge and pleaded with me to keep the books They now have a class copy of each book, a library copy of each book and a third copy of each book will be awarded as prizes on World Book Day.
  • Thank you so much for the books, we thoroughly enjoyed all of them