We are working in partnership with the Peterborough Telegraph to ensure all events included in our campaign gain the right coverage.

We understand that many organisations who are running an event may not have the resource to issue a press release to the media. With this in mind we have created some guidance below on how to write a press release to help you get started. You could even use the simpler approach and fill out our events form and email your completed form to PTEditor@peterboroughtoday.co.uk. Your event may then be included in an upcoming issue of the Peterborough Telegraph!

Guidance on how to write a press release:


It should be concise and interesting to entice the reader.

E.g. 900 voluntary hours for cathedral anniversary celebrations

1st paragraph

Get to the point! Tell your audience the main crux of your story. Start with the most important details and newsworthy aspect.

E.g. To celebrate Peterborough Cathedral’s 900th anniversary (business name) staff have dedicated 900 hours of voluntary support to local community projects.

2nd paragraph

It is time to add the flesh to your story. Setout the who, what, where, when and why of your story.

E.g. Over 100 staff across the business contributed a full working day to support the local hospital. Throughout December the team of volunteers donated their time to help on the children’s ward at Peterborough Hospital.

3rd paragraph

It is good to highlight some key points about the event or project. A bullet point list of some of the key aspects of the event.

4th paragraph

Include a quote from a key stakeholder in the process. It adds legitimacy to the story.

E.g. Local hospital manager John Smith congratulated the team on their effort: "It's great to see a local business dedicate time to help the running of the local hospital. The team fitted in really well and we look forward to working with them in the future."

Final paragraph

Add a call-to-action to encourage others to get involved in the campaign.

E.g. If you would like to get involved in the Peterborough Celebrates campaign then please visit www.peterboroughcelebrates.org.uk which has all the information to get you started.

Notes to editor

It is a good idea to put in some information about your business in a more formal manner, this will provide a bit of background research for the reporter. It’s typically information that doesn’t belong in the story but that lets the reporter know a little bit more about who you are, what you company does, what your background is, etc.

You should also add in your contact details in case they need to contact you.

If you have any further media enquiries please contact the Peterborough Celebrates team on peterboroughcelebrates@peterborough-cathedral.org.uk