1-30 Nov. Poetry for all ages; and a reading conference for teachers

November sees a month long celebration of poetry, following on from poetry day in October.

Take part in Syntax - Peterborough's Festival of Poetry and Spoken Word. Enjoy events suitable for families, budding writers, word lovers, and those who enjoy a good night out. Details at: syntaxpoetryfestival.wordpress.com or follow them on facebook @syntaxpoetryfestival - www.facebook.com/syntaxpoetryfestival

Enjoy reading and writing rhymes and poems with children.  Come along to a baby rhyme time at a library.

Why not invite a poet to your school or setting. Looking for other ideas for a poetry event or session? Try www.nationalpoetryday.co.uk/

Lesson plans and posters can also be found at: www.nationalpoetryday.co.uk/education/free-education-resource-downloads/ which can be used all year round.

Teachers can attend a reading conference on 22nd November - contact the School Improvement Team for more details.