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This exciting campaign aims to inspire Peterborough to enjoy reading more, and to put on fun and exciting reading-related activities.

The Peterborough Celebrates Reading campaign is open to everyone. It’s a chance to get behind the celebrations and support them in whatever way you’d like.

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Events & Activities

Lots of events and activities to mark Peterborough Celebrates Reading are being run by schools, community groups, charities and businesses.

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Magic of Reading show - Jason Fenn - Castor CofE Primary School

The children of Castor C of E Primary School have had a wonderful performance about the Magic of Reading by Jason Fenn - Magic Man last week. The children were entranced by his reading tricks! A big thank you goes out to Friends of Castor CE School for providing the experience. For more information click on our link:

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Libraries Week 2019

To celebrate Libraries Week 2019 we have created three new resources to help you encourage reading for pleasure in your school. Our research shows that good school libraries can have an important impact on pupil development, especially on their reading for pleasure habits. Libraries Week is a great opportunity to remember this and celebrate reading in your school. These resources can be used in your school library, reading spaces and even the staffroom to help get everyone reading. Focusing on supporting children in how to choose the right book, sharing reading initiative ideas to engage the whole school community in reading and supporting teachers in celebrating reading in the classroom, these resources are free to download for Libraries Week. The resources include: Many children struggle to choose a book - our how to choose a book poster will help them find just the right book for themselves and can be shared in the school library and classroom. There are lots of ways to celebrate reading in school - share the tried and tested reading initiatives in our resource Brilliant ideas to help you encourage reading with colleagues and see which ones would work best in your school Teachers make great reading role models; our How you can support reading resource will help everyone support reading in the classroom and school library

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Get Involved

The Peterborough Celebrates Reading campaign is open to everyone. It’s a chance to get behind the festivities and support it in whatever way you’d like. Please see below for more details.

Examples of how you can get involved include:

• Join a Library

• Hosting your own reading-themed event or activity 

• Adding a Peterborough Celebrates Reading element to your     
  existing campaign, event or activity 

• Adding our logo to your marketing collateral 

• Volunteering at some of the planned celebrations 

• Spread the word! Share our Peterborough Celebrates Reading

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There are lots of events and activities taking place throughout 2019-2020 which offer a range of volunteering opportunities and also occasions where you can collaborate. Some of these opportunities have been highlighted in this section of the website. Please contact the event organiser direct.

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For media enquiries or for further information about the Peterborough Celebrates Reading campaign please contact us.

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